HSK shank tooling from scratch


HSK shank tooling is a very popular tooling system, with controls in both ISO and DIN standards.  It is most widely used in Europe, but is becoming more popular in North America.  In fact, three of our five milling centers use HSKA63 tooling in their spindles.


The HSK system is a fast, rigid connection, whose emergence in the metal cutting industry has been likened to that of the microchip in computers. ETW has the advanced manufacturing technology required to make quality HSK shank tooling from scratch:

  • We are able to use our turn/mill center (DMP-60SFD) to machine the HSK shank in one operation
  • This gives us the ability to supply blanks as well as other HSK tooling
  • We currently manufacture HSK sizes 40, 50, and 63, in either A or C styles
  • We are able to hold the tight tolerances on the taper and flange with the use of our grinding department, needle gauges, and our CMMs
  • All of the internal diameters (including the locating angle) are turned to size during the milling process to reduce grinding time
  • For more information on HSK, please visit: www.hskworld.com




DMC-65FD is the latest machine from German machine manufacturing leader DMG on our shop floor. This is an FD series machine, meaning it has both turning and 5-axis milling capabilities within the same setup.



  • Features DMG’s high accuracy package
  • 180 pocket vertical tool magazine
  • 3-station pallet pool with pallet changer
  • Latest Siemens Solution-Line control
  • Large work envelope


Coming soon



Because of the success of DMC-65FD machine on our shop floor, we are adding another FD series machine in mid-2015: the DMC-80FD with a larger machining envelope

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