Trilock is a leading, quick-change/preset tool-holder system for screw machines.  Trilock holders can be found on CNC lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, special purpose machines and much more.


The products on the following Trilock pages illustrate our most popular holders. While these are our most popular variations we  can provide other solutions according to our client’s specifications or needs. The Trilock design allows implementation of a quick change/preset tool-holder system into any machine where congested tooling is a factor. Valuable production time is no longer lost by having to move out machining units, index tables, or fixturing while changing tools.


Our exceptionally short tool change stroke and unique triangular location principle are just a few of the features that make Trilock the perfect quick-change/preset tool-holder system for many applications.


Trilock consists of: a base holder, change nose, collet and a nut. When used correctly, the base holder remains clamped on the main tool slide.  A correct Trilock system consists of two or three change noses and one base holder for each position.  While one change nose is in operation and engaged with the base holder, a tool in a second change nose is preset to an exact length dimension outside the machine.


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