ETW has ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Quality Management system covering the areas of:

  • Design and manufacture of custom indexable tooling,
  • fixtures, and
  • precision 5-axis machining


At ETW, quality monitoring begins right away, starting with a review of the design by our engineering department.


Quality Control steps at this stage:

  • Each drawing and/or CAD model is thoroughly looked over before releasing the job for manufacturing
  • During this phase an inspection plan is mapped out to include all dimensions and tolerances
  • This plan is entered into our quality control software: Visual Quality
  • Each job is given:

a first piece inspection report to check all dimensions

an in-process inspection report to quickly check subsequent parts on critical dimensions, and

a final inspection report to check the parts before they ship to the customer



All manufactured products are brought into the Quality Lab for a final inspection.  This inspection happens immediately prior to the product being shipped.


Quality Control steps at this stage:

  • Quality specifications are entered into the Visual Quality database before any product is shipped to the customer
  • When their parts are shipped, each customer receives a printout showing the results of the final inspection
  • Much like in-process reports, we store these reports as well for future reference


All jobs are inspected as they are machined in either our turning or milling department.


Quality Control steps at this stage:

  • Results are recorded using our inspection equipment, which are all kept on a calibration schedule to maintain accuracy
  • We have two Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), an optical comparator, and various micrometers to inspect jobs as needed
  • All results are entered into the computer using Visual Quality, and each report is stored for future reference
  • Results are then given to the operator, who either runs the job out, or makes necessary adjustments

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