ETW is a manufacturer of standard and custom tooling, which means we use a large variety of tools in our machining areas.


At ETW, to ensure effective usage of our tooling:

  • Each tool assembly is replicated in our CAD/CAM application with user-defined templates to ensure proper part simulation
  • This allows programmers to easily program parts and be able to select a tool from the CAM library with a simple click, without having to create the tool each time it is needed
  • Standard tools are used whenever possible as they often remain loaded in the machines to reduce setup time
  • Non-standard tools are used only when unavoidable, so as to eliminate unnecessary tool setups

Furthermore, for efficient usage of our tooling and also to track their usage, ETW has written its own custom software, Total Tool Management (TTM), for managing tools for all our machines and jobs.


Some of the benefits of TTM:

  • Helps to keep track of the inventory of all tools, holders, collets, hardware and the like
  • Each tool assembly is fully described in TTM, from the type of holder, type of tool, down to its entire list of components including inserts, if any
  • All of our tooling and inserts are kept in two Hänel vertical storage units, and can be easily accessed by the machine operators using TTM while the inventory and its usage is tracked simultaneously
  • Most of our machines have at least 120 tool pockets.  These pockets are generally filled (with both standard and non-standard tooling).  Using TTM, an operator can:
  • Select a group of jobs to work on, and see what tools he needs in the machine along with what currently-loaded tools may be removed to make room if necessary
  • Track the tool life and replace old tools with fresh ones
  • TTM gives us a streamlined, automated way of managing our extensive tool library
  • Every assembly and component is stored in a central database, with the option to search for any single component or assembly for quick and easy reference

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