ETW’s engineering department is the driving force of our company. It consists of:

  • Eight CAD workstations
  • Five with CAM capabilities


Everything is designed in 3D solids, giving us:

  • The ability to determine accurate tool weight
  • The ability to balance the tools before manufacturing
  • The ability to design and manufacture with virtually no limitations



The software we utilize for CAD and CAM is Siemens NX9 (formerly Unigraphics), which we update on a regular basis to keep up with the latest technology. We are able to covert NX files from and to DXF, IGES, and other formats, so that we can exchange drawing files with the customer if necessary.


Design for Manufacturability

  • Our engineers have a strong manufacturing background, which is vital in Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Because of this strong experience, when designing, they have an end-of-the-line awareness of how the project and its parts need to be machined
  • Simply put, at ETW, we do not design non-machinable parts
  • In addition, our database of components has been built up over the last fifteen years, so we are able to utilize almost any hardware that is required


Seamless flow from design to inspection

  • When fixturing is designed in 3D solids, we are able to assure no interference between the fixture and the tooling
  • This is a valuable time-saver for the customer, ensuring that little or no changes will need to be made to the fixture during first time run-off
  • The design and manufacturing departments work closely to ensure that the final product is to specifications
  • They are aided by NX, which drives the processes right from design to programming, and then to machining, and finally to inspection programming
  • Because of this, we are able to machine the CAD drawing exactly to the original specifications


At ETW, we take into account every aspect of our design and manufacturing. We vehemently believe in creating it right the first time. This belief and our commitment to our clients are what distinguish our company and what makes us the leaders in the special tool design and manufacturing.

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