5-axis machining consists of standard milling operations plus the ability to machine on compound angles and contoured surfaces with virtually no geometrical limitations.  At ETW, we have always strived to maintain cutting edge technology, and our milling department is a prime example of that practice.  We are capable of machining complex and intricate parts quickly and accurately, with the knowledge and level of expertise that 5 axis machining warrants.


Milling Department


Our 5-axis milling department consists of:

  • 5 DMG 5-axis milling centers (two with turning capabilities in the same setup)
  • 5 CAM Programmers using Siemens NX9
  • An extensive tool library of over 1000 different tool assemblies
  • A Kelch Presetter (for accurate measuring of tools)
  • Five PCs with ETW’s own custom tool management software


Our milling department is the workhorse of our company. It is state-of-the-art, consisting of five 5-axis DMG machines.


Some of the highlights of our milling department:

  • This whole department is setup for quick response, minimal setup, and high quality
  • All programming is done offline in NX CAM (Siemens PLM), thus reducing programming setup time and machine downtime
  • We also run machine simulations to test out these programs before they hit the shop floor
  • We utilize our own custom-written tool management software to maintain an extensive tool library of standard and non-standard tooling, tool life, and tool replacement
  • We believe that turn/mill machines will soon be driving the industry and will become absolutely necessary to meet customer specifications and delivery requirements while maintaining a high level of quality and a quick turnaround. That is why two of our latest milling machines have turning capabilities as well
  • One of our machines is a bar-fed machine, on which all 6 sides can be milled in one operation

DMP-60SFD 5-Axis Turn/Mill

The DMP 60SFD is a bar-fed machine, capable of loading up to 3” diameter bar stock through the automatic loader.



  • Ability to machine all six sides of a part in one setup
  • Ability to run 20 different jobs back to back without any additional setup other than making sure that there is enough bar stock in the bar-loader to complete the jobs
  • In addition to milling, this machine is a turning center as well, allowing us to eliminate extra setups in the manufacturing process
  • A job which previously had two turning operations, followed by two milling operations, can now be done in two setups, and in some cases, just a single setup


Some examples of parts run on this machine include:

  • Special Cartridges
  • Special Boring Heads and Boring Bars
  • Square Shank Toolholders
  • Indexable Milling Cutters
  • Indexable Drills
  • HSK, Capto, ABS, and other Taper Shank Tooling

DMC-65FD 5-Axis Turn/Mill

This machine is another in the FD series, meaning it has turning and full 5-axis milling capabilities within the same setup.



  • Features DMG’s high accuracy package, allowing ETW to mill/turn the most complex parts to exact tolerances and to eliminate time-consuming grinding operations
  • 180 pocket vertical tool magazine, 3-station pallet pool with pallet changer, and utilizes the latest Siemens Solution-Line control
  • Large work envelope, enabling it to machine up to 30.0 inch diameter, 20.0 inch tall


Example parts:

  • Hollowmills, Facemills, Indexable mills, Disc mills, and other milling cutters
  • Large plates / fixtures
  • Bore tools and boring bars
  • HSK, Capto, ABS, and other Taper Shank Tooling / Adapters

DMC-60T 5-Axis Mill with SYSTEM 3R Robot

The DMC 60T is a 5-axis monoBLOCK machine with excellent rigidity and a fast, rotary pallet changer.



  • Works in conjunction with a custom SYSTEM 3R Robot, which integrates a 24 unit rotating pallet magazine with the machine
  • This robot allows a wide variety of jobs to be queued for an overnight or weekend run
  • High rigidity of the machine allows for parts to be held to tight tolerances


Example parts:

  • Capto clamping units, cutting units
  • Boring Bars
  • Indexable Drills
  • HSK, CAT and other shank tooling / Adapters
  • Hollow mills, chamfer mills, Arbors, Blades, etc.

DMU-100T 5-Axis Mill

The DMU 100T is outfitted for either 3-axis work on table or complete 5-axis work on its fully integrated dividing head (milling between centers).



  • We are able to machine parts as long as 40" on this machine with tailstock support when necessary
  • This machine gives us the ability to machine very long parts, while still maintaining a high level of accuracy and precision


Parts run on this machine include:

  • Long Boring Bars
  • Long Indexable Drills
  • Trilock
  • Special Sorter Plates

DMC-80U 5-Axis Mill

The DMC 80U is our biggest CNC milling machine.  It has a work envelope of 32" x 28" x 28" allowing us to machine a wide variety of parts.



  • Equipped with a six-station pallet pool and a 120 unit tool magazine
  • Many of the tools in the magazine are loaded at all times, thereby reducing setup time


Some of the parts machined on this machine include:

  • Capto Clamping Units
  • Aluminum and Steel Castings
  • Custom Workholding Fixtures



Our newest addition to our 5-axis milling department is another mill/turn machine in the FD series from DMG-Mori.  It features an HSK-A100 milling spindle (12,000 rpm) and an 800mm diameter turning spindle (800 rpm).  With this machine we are able to mill/turn parts up to 930mm in diameter.  This machine also features a pallet-changer and 183-tool magazine which allows for fast setup times between jobs.  Additional features include a high-accuracy package and high pressure through-the-spindle coolant.  It has a Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL control.


Technical Data:

  • 800mm X travel, 1300mm Y travel, 1000mm Z travel
  • 1200 kg capacity
  • 12,000 rpm HSK-A100 milling spindle, 800 rpm C axis turning spindle
  • 183-tool magazine
  • Frequency-controlled high-pressure coolant (5 to 80 bar)

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