Starting in a garage in Waukesha, WI in 1945, ETW Incorporated has evolved from a simple cutting tool manufacturing business to a leading 5-axis machining business serving customers that require extreme accuracy and precision. Our customers include some of the largest toolmakers in the world, who rely on ETW’s design engineering, rapid delivery, and quality tools.

As an early adopter and continuing practitioner of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), ETW was quick to see the potential of data-driven machining. To further that notion, ETW began using industry-leading, preeminent machines manufactured by the German machine builder, Deckel-Maho-Gildemeister (DMG) to ensure only the highest quality of cutting tool products. The focus on CIM with DMG continues today with the addition of our newest 5-axis mill / turn machining system.



To deliver quality products and reduce customer costs by employing cutting-edge manufacturing processes and by continuously improving our Quality Management System. To enhance customer experience by providing experienced technical support and superior customer service.


I’ve always enjoyed being involved in the tooling industry, even from the days when I first started working for Tool Service in Milwaukee, WI.  I chose to start my own business, ETW Inc, rooted in the belief that family values and arduous work were crucial to the success of my vision.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that ETW would become what it is today.  I aimed only for success, unaware of the future that would take shape.  ETW was a personal endeavor for me, and remains to this day a testament to the results that hard work can bring.  I strove to instill into all my employees values of honesty, dedication and faith in a new and exciting business.  I believe that as long as we are dedicated to our customers and we maintain excellence in our tooling operations, ETW will continue to be at the forefront of the industry.




5 axis Milling Center, Work Envelope 24.8”X22.0X22.0, 24 Pallet changer with 3R robotic arm,18,000 RPM spindle, HSK 63 180 pocket tool changer.



6 axis Milling/Turning Center (6 side machining), Work Envelope 29”x18.1”x22”,12,000 RPM main milling spindle,5,000 RPM turning sub-spindle, HSK 63 120 pocket tool magazine, Bar Feeder (up to 3” thru), Tailstock support.



5 axis machining Center , Work Envelope 31.5”X27.5”23.6”, 12,000 RPM spindle SK 40 120 pocket tool magazine, 6 pallet rotary changer.



Full 5-axis milling/turning center (Installed in 2013), Work Envelope: 30”x30”x20”, 18,000 RPM main milling spindle, 1200 RPM turning sub-spindle, HSK63 180 vertical tool chain, 3 pallet rotary changer, high precision cooling system.


DMU 100T


Work Envelope 42.5”X28”X28”, 12,000 RPM spindle, SK40 32 pocket tool changer, Fully Integrated dividing head.



27.6” max circle diameter, 16.1” max turning center , 11.8” travel X, 25-5,000 rpm rotational speed, Tailstock support.

CTX 400E


22.4” Turning Diameter , 25” Turning Length, 3-jaw chuck diameter 8.6” (10” max), 25-5,000 rpm rotational speed, Tailstock support.



Our newest addition to our 5-axis milling department is another mill/turn machine in the FD series from DMG-Mori.  It features an HSK-A100 milling spindle (12,000 rpm) and an 800mm diameter turning spindle (800 rpm).  With this machine we are able to mill/turn parts up to 930mm in diameter.  This machine also features a pallet-changer and 183-tool magazine which allows for fast setup times between jobs.  Additional features include a high-accuracy package and high pressure through-the-spindle coolant.  It has a Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL control.

Internal Grinder

  • Cincinnati Milacron 20” diameter X 22” axial travel With coolant


Cylindrical Grinders

  • Karstens 14” diameter X 27” long With coolant
  • Shigiya Seiki 10” diameter X 54” long With coolant


Surface Grinders

  • Mark 16” X 32” Magnetic chuck With coolant
  • Harig (2) 6”X18”


  • Royal Oak


Tool and Cutter Grinders

  • Mazak
  • Cincinnati Milacron

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