ETW has expanded its capabilities to not only focus on cutting tools, but other 5-axis machining applications as well.  From castings to custom parts, ETW can manufacture your piece in a fast, effective and reliable manner using 5-axis milling technology.

Fewer setups

  • Having a 5-axis milling department within our facility allows parts to be machined with fewer setups because more sides of the part can be machined in a single setup
  • All of our machines in our milling department are full 5-axis milling centers, with two machines (soon to be three machines) being able to do turning as well


Multi-axis machining

  • ETW also has the ability to run 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • This highly complex method allows milling of odd contours (most useful in the die and mold industry) to create smooth edges and blends with very good surface finish
  • ETW welcomes challenging jobs in the manufacturing field no matter how extensive or complex they may be



  • Our machines are all built by DMG, the leader in creating cutting edge machinery for manufacturing
  • Their machines allow us to hold tight tolerances from part to part, often eliminating costly and time-consuming grinding operations
  • In addition, majority of our equipment at ETW is set up to run continuously, thus increasing the efficiency of our machines to make parts so that we can deliver projects on time every time

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